Prolly Knot

Portland based, R&B/ Pop artist Prolly Knot (the project of previously Nashville based singer-songwriter, Sam Pinkerton) is set to release her debut EP, It’s Not Anymore this Fall. Moving from hip/hop inspired heartbreak to care-free pop music, the project marries eccentricity and depth, and has garnered Pinkerton comparisons to contemporaries Maggie Rogers, Syd, Banks and more.

It’s Not Anymore came about after a 3 year hiatus and a move across the country. Needing something mindless and fun, Pinkerton developed a collection of songs that still stays true to her at the core but gave her something she could dance to. Prolly Knot pulled her out of her musical rut and guided her to new creativity and inspiration.

From acoustic guitar to synthesizer, Pinkerton writes timeless singer-songwriter tracks paired with catchy pop hooks. The tracks on It’s Not Anymore addresses heavy life topics that most of us deal with- depression, coming of age, secrets, finding your identity, young relationships and more. Pinkerton’s mature lyrics and melodic tale-telling tracks are standouts due to her angelic yet weighty voice. Pinkerton’s inspiration comes from distinct voices such as The Band, Gregory Alan Isakov, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo and more. Prolly Knot is a new project that feels familiar- warm music from a welcomed new voice.