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EP Premiere / THE GREY ESTATES / 10.17.17


The debut EP from Prolly Knot reveals itself like a series of late night confessions. Artist Sam Pinkerton presents a soundtrack that challenges and bends the definitions of the genres it stands for - from the somber effects that make for stunning whispered secrets on opener "Perennial" to the heartbreaking look back in closer "Teeth (Never Should Have)" that has Pinkerton's husky vocals taking center stage on a single of sparse instrumentation. The release came to Pinkerton unintentionally during a period of writer's block and perhaps that period of feeling stuck is what inspired a sound that's so free and unrestrained. There's a pulsing current of R&B that ripples throughout the recording, but elements of pop and bits of electronic experimentation weave their way throughout as well, resulting in four tracks of soaring freedom. Pinkerton is turning over a new page in her musical endeavors with this project and we're lucky enough to be able to flip through the book, seeing just the beginning of where the artist's story may eventually lead.

As Pinkerton reveals: "To be able to write, I changed up everything about my process. Once I realized these songs were far from my usual Americana/ Folk sound, I decided to start a new project. I called this project many other names before landing Prolly Knot. It took 3 years and moving across the country to finally settle on it and actually start over with renaming & re-branding."

words by lauren rearick



First listen / EARMILK / 10.04.17


Prolly Knot, the solo project of Portland, Oregon based singer songwriter Sam Pinkerton recently dropped her first single "Perennial" and announced the release of her debut EP It's Not Anymore.    Today marks the release of the project's second release, "Teeth", a breezy R&B tune with splashes of folk influence that'll make you swing through the mid week blues.

Prolly Knot's sound washes over you like taking a step into a pool filled with all of the textures and sounds you're in to.  Sam says of the track "Teeth and Perennial were written at the same time, about the same person. When I realized the guy I was with was in love with someone else but wouldn't say it. Also, I wrote this with writer/ producer Emery Dobyns. He does a lot of cool work. It was my first time writing with a producer. He built the track and it inspired the R&B sound. He helped me make that shift."

"Teeth" is available now.  It's Not Anymore is out October 20th.

words by karl dobias


P R O L L Y  K N O T 

First listen / GOLD FLAKE PAINT / 09.12.17



While Portland’s music scene is still often led by its deep-seated reputation with guitar-led indie rock (from Sleater Kinney to The Shins, The Decemberists and much more), Sam Pinkerton has traveled from her previous Nashville home to add some gleaming electropop to the city’s scene, releasing her It’s Not Anymore EP in October, and preceding it today with the elegant haze of new track ‘Perennial’, which we’re very pleased to share below.

As with all tracks of this nature, it’s the way that the glistening exterior is counter-balanced by a half-buried sense of poignancy that makes the whole thing linger for that little bit longer. “I don’t always have you, I don’t always want to” Pinkerton sings as the previously sturdy instrumentation – all clipped percussive beats and warm electronics – drops away at the tracks mid-point, exposing not only that simmering lead voice but also the narrative that underpins the tightly-knit atmosphere that is both palpable and pertinent from the outset.

Warm and welcoming (despite the icy undertones) and beautifully restrained throughout, Perennial is a gem of an introduction to Prolly Knot’s work – and you can stream the new track here right now.


‘It’s Not Anymore’ EP is self-released on October 20th

words by tom johnson


YouTube premiere / DAVID DEAN BURKHART / 09.12.17